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Gotham Pearl Lab
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Information Security Assessments Ethical Hacking
Robotic Development
3D Printing
Gotham Pearl Contracting, LLC.
 Home Remodeling Development Subdivision


Cybersecurity Analyst

Penetration Testing
Wireless Network Security Understand Company IT Infrastructure
Various Coding Languages

Project Manager

Project Management
Team Leader
Team Collaboration
Delegation of Projects

Marketing Analyst

Social Media Management
Inbound/outbound Marketing Project
Website Design

Software Engineer

Various Coding Languages
Product Development
Website Coding & Management

Human Resource Specialist

Onboarding and out-processing Management
Work with project manager on strategic planning
Data Entry

Poc for Internship Opportunities

Project Manager
Tel # (847)-400-6810
 Email -

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What experience and education would I get from an internship with the company?
    • We offer free training on Python, marketing, and other areas of interest through online courses. Interns are offered all resources in order to learn at their own pace.
  • Do I need prior experience or a degree?
    • No, you only need to come ready to learn.
  • What kind of training would I receive?
    • You get a hands on training with both demos and real life problems that you may come across
  • If I am interested in another department within the company, would I be able to cross train?
    • Yes, if you would like to do both software engineering and marketing for example. You would be able to learn both at the same time if you would like to.
  • Can I work from home? Is there a physical office?
    • Yes and Yes, we offer hybrid work meaning you can either work from home or work in one of our offices.
  • Where are you located?
    • Gotham Pearl is located at 517 Gotham Street, Watertown, NY 13601.


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